Leanna’s 8th Birthday

Welcome to Leanna’s 8th Birthday


Goody Bag Instructions

LED Lights: https://charleneleanna.com/led-lights/

Squishy Circuits: https://charleneleanna.com/squishy-circuits/

Hovercraft:  https://charleneleanna.com/hovercraft/

Magnets: https://charleneleanna.com/magnets/

Blooming Flower: https://charleneleanna.com/2015/04/23/blooming-flower/

Lemon Battery: https://charleneleanna.com/lemon-battery



Party food, thanks Charlene and Leanna for helping!

IMG_5277 IMG_3490 IMG_3488 IMG_3482 IMG_3476 IMG_3473


Other pictures from the birthday

IMG_5487 IMG_3493 IMG_5293 IMG_5347 IMG_3525 IMG_5398 IMG_3511 IMG_5403 IMG_5313 IMG_5418 IMG_3513 IMG_5489 IMG_5281 IMG_5393 IMG_3514 IMG_3520 IMG_3485 IMG_5411 IMG_5355 IMG_5408 IMG_3499 IMG_5386 IMG_5380


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