Magnet Balancing

Thanks for all the people that came to my party! In your goody bag you should have:

  • Rare earth magnet

Balancing Magnets

Try balancing the coins on the magnet in two ways:


On-top of each other

IMG_3411 IMG_3406 (1) IMG_3406 IMG_3402 IMG_3419 IMG_3416

Additional information

The Third Series Coins are minted on multi-ply plated steel, comprising a steel core electroplated with three layers of metals – nickel over copper over nickel for silver-coloured coins; brass over copper over nickel for gold-coloured coins. The coins are generally lighter in weight and produce a lower pitch tone when struck against hard objects.

New security features were incorporated into the coin series, to stay ahead of counterfeiters and maintain confidence in the use of the country’s currency. The security features include a customised electromagnetic signature (EMS) for each denomination.